Strategic Personnel Development

Strategic personnel development is aligned on the current and projected business needs of an organization. Our approach to employee development includes:

  • Conception and realization of business driven leadership development programs
  • Goal oriented training modules (eg. project-based learning or action learning)
  • Advising internal HR teams and specialists
  • Assessment and development of tailor-made employee development plans, programs and tools
  • Developing future-oriented job profiles


We guide organizations through conception and realization of effective, tailor-made programs and tools for assessing and developing potential of management, key personnel and employees. This may represent an integral part of larger transformation programs or serve as a basis for strategic employee development, and may include:

  • Management audits
  • Assessment centers for promotion and selection (eg. development centers, assessed workshops, individual assessment centers, hearings, and more)
  • Multi-source feedback
  • Peer review and self assessment
  • Tests and inventories for performance appraisal and definition of learning goals
  • Interview, assessor and feedback training for executives and HR specialists